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The practical test

This starts with two question, either show me or tell about the car. Then about a thirty eight minute drive taking  in various types of roads and conditions.  The time to book your test is as you approach test standard as there is a waiting time of about seven weeks. This can be booked through the DSA  as above.

Refresher course

This is a course for someone who has not driven for a while or has lost there confidence.  A minimum of 2 hours .extra hours can be arranged if needed.

Delivery Options

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Motorway driving

This is  a lesson  for you to gain experience or to improve your motorway driving skills This would be a 3 hour lesson  to take you to the motorway  to deal with all aspects of motorway driving  eg. Multi lane roundabouts  junctions  and overtaking safely.

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Training courses

for Pass Plus


Intensive courses


Theory test

Pass plus

This is a six module course covering 1 Town, 2 All weather, 3 Country, 4 Night, 5 Dual carriageway and 6 Motorway driving.  This course was developed  by the DSA.  This helps to accelerate your learning curb it could also reduce insurance premiums. (find out more pass plus).

Semi intensive courses

This is a series of lessons leading up to your test. The course you choose would depend  upon your experience and standard of driving. All the  semi-intensive courses do not include a test fee. If we both agree extra lesson may be booked if  needed to reach test standard.

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A theory test must be passed before you can  take a practical test, (you can take the theory test on or any time after your seventieth birthday).  The theory test consist of multiple choice questions, and a hazard perception test on a computer.  I can give advice, and provide you with support at each stage, also on the learning materials required. To book a theory test you need to contact the Driving Standards  Agency, (DSA) on 0300 200 1122 or online at


10 Hours

This is for someone who has failed a driving test , who can drive independently and knows the test area.  They must also be able to  perform all the required manoeuvres. There is a 1 hour assessment lesson then 3 lessons of 3 hours including test day.


16 Hours

This is for someone who would fail a mock test, or need to move from prompted to independent driving and have approximately  20 to 30 hours experience  with an ADI instructor. There is a 1 hour assessment lesson then 5 lessons of 3 hours including test day.

22 Hours

This is for someone who has had between 15 and 20 hours driving experience, and are approximately  half way  through they learning curb. There is a 1 hour assessment lesson and then 7 lessons of 3 hours including test day.  (see prices for more information).