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 I was very nervous before I started to learn to drive. But as soon as I had my first lesson, Bas made me feel very calm, and I

immediately began to enjoy it. He is simply an amazing Driving instructor, he is very patient, and easy to get along with. I choose Bas because he taught my brother to drive, and he passed first time. After this many of his friends, and mine passed with him too. Bas goes that extra mile for his students, to make sure that they are prepared, and confident before taking there test. I passed my test on the 17th January 2012, with only four minors. Thankyou Bas I wish you the best of luck for the future, and would reccommed him to everyone. Best of luck for the future. Thanks for everything Bas. 17th February 2012  Emma Gordon


Having failed my driving test following a course of driving lessons, with one of the big national driving schools (at much expense). I decided to change instructors. I had heard great things about Basil, and I'm happy to say he exceeded my very high expectations! Basil calmed my nerves ,and immediately pinpointed areas we needed to improve on, particularly my knowledge of the test centre area, and my ability to anticipate hazards in sufficient time. He built my confidence up and prepared me so well for my test. He's also a pleasure to have lessons with, he's calm and patient. Basil changed my view of driving, instead of seeing lessons as a chore, I really enjoyed them, and passed my test with ease making only two minor faults.    16th febuary 2012  Beatrice Gibson


I couldn't have asked for more from a driving instructor! Basil was always prompt and well-organised, he was a very friendly and professional instructor. I started with no experience at all and with no chance for driving outside of lessons. In a couple of months, Basil instructed me fantastically, and taught me how to deal well and calmly with every situation. He is very professional and firm when needed, but relaxed and  friendly. With his helpful tutelage I  passed after less than 3 months of driving   with zero driving faults. I felt relaxed and confident thanks to his lessons; I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thanks Bas!" -  Will Harvey.  10th February 2012


"I first booked lessons with Basil when I turned 17, after my sister and a few of my friends had passed with him as their instructor. He was brilliant at making the lessons enjoyable whilst making sure I was learning to drive safely and confidently. Although I struggled with certain aspects of driving, Basil was always patient with me, adopting different approaches until I was confident at dealing with certain situations. He prepared me for my test excellently, allowing me to have as many lessons as I needed  leading up to my test in order for me to feel more calm and optimistic about the potential outcome. I passed first time with Basil, and I know it would not have been at all possible without him as my instructor. I would recommend him highly to anybody thinking about having lessons with him." - Laura Clarke 27th january 2012


I cant say I found driving easy, when I started lessons with Basil I had no confidence in my driving, and I honestly wasn't sure if i would ever pass. He never gave up on me, and although at times it was challenging, he went out of his way to make sure that I understood and gained confidence in my ability. I would recommend Basil to anyone, he is always calm and patient, no matter how many mistakes you make ,and however long it takes to learn something. I have now passed my driving test, and because of my lessons have confidence to go out and drive without an instructor.

Catherine Hurley  19th January 2012


 I had three instructors before Basil, and had spent a lot of money on lessons, that weren't helping me progress in my driving. Bas was recommended to me by my cousin. I wished I'd gone with him sooner, as I passed first time and in half the time it took me with the others. He's very patient, and doesn't lose his temper. Of the four instructor he was the stand out one. I'd really recommend him as he is guaranteed to help you pass fast :-)

Habsa    2011


'I had failed my driving test twice with my previous instructor before I moved to Basil. Most of my friends had been taught by him and passed first time, so he had been highly recommended. Within a few lesson with Basil I felt more confident driving, and had been taught several little 'tricks' to help with the manoevres and other aspects that I had previously struggled with. I took my test and passed with only two minors. Basil was a great teacher, who transformed my driving in a very short space of time, and I would be more than happy to recommend him to any one else.'  

Emily Clarke   7th September 2011


An unexplainable feeling passing a driving test today, Wednesday 12th October. (First time with Zero Faults.)  But if I didn't have Basil as my instructor today, I may not be feeling that. He is a talented instructor, who  delivers an accurate briefing, which when I practiced was always successful.  Each time I had a lesson with Bas I learnt something new until I reached test standard. He has much to give, and in my personal experience with Bas, he is the best instructor around. Thank you very much, hope to stay in contact.     Giancarlo Violante   12th October 2011


Basil guided me on my way to pass my driving test (first time with zero faults). We practiced every manoeuvre, experienced many situations and drove down many roads to nail it all perfectly for my test. I felt well prepared and confident when taking the test, and even though Brislington test centre is considered difficult by many I felt no fear at all and managed to stay calm throughout. I had no driving experience whatsoever before I met Basil, and I was getting limited driving practice outside of lessons, but I didn't need it because Basil taught me everything I needed to know, and within a few months I was holding my full drivers license! He was always well organised and prompt to lessons, and he was a delight to learn from. I would fully recommend to anyone."  Matt Stricklands


"Dear Bas,  I am writing to say a massive thank-you for teaching me to drive!  You’re a fantastic teacher and I think that’s reflected in me passing (with zero faults). Enclosed  is my driving test report which I had to show to all my friends first,  but now would like you to have it to keep.  All the best for the future and hopefully I’ll see you around again some time.  I will be sending my sister your way next year. Take care" Gabriella.


I highly recommend Basil as a driving instructor. Basil was my second instructor, I had failed twice with my first instructor. Bas gave me the understanding and confidence, to deal with any problems that came up, and all the manoeuvres were easy to understand. This allowed me to pass first time with bas.I have and will recommend him to anyone. Thanks bas  

Mari Elazoui


"I was 41 when I started to learn to drive. I have gone from someone who had nightmares about driving to someone who goes the long way round, just so I can drive a little longer in my journey. Basil was an excellent tutor. Incredibly patient with my pathetic attempts at getting in the right lane, the excessive gear changing, and the blue language. In my first year of driving I have travelled up and down the motorway, and tackled the steep narrow roads of Bath. If you find yourself hesitating in emailing or picking up the phone. Dont. Get Basil to teach you to drive. He was brilliant. (See if he still has the same Bob Marley cds in his glove box.)

 Alision Handcock


"Basil is simply a brilliant driving instructor. As a parent you are understandably anxious as your children take to the roads behind the driving wheel and need to place great trust in whoever teaches them the crucial skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives as drivers. Basil shows extraordinary patience and calmness with his students and prepares them for driving in a really thorough manner, not just coaching them to pass the test but to be safe and competent on the road. All three of our youngsters passed first time under his expert guidance and we would have no hesitation at all in recommending him as an an outstanding instructor.Thank you Basil!" Cath Brownell


"Basil is a really impressive instructor and I was very glad to have found him. He was my second instructor. Not only is he extremely patient, but he also goes through everything with you systematically, like a coach: he makes sure that you understand everything properly and that you can think for yourself on the road, instead of just rehearsing set patterns. Even though I had no natural gift for driving, I passed my test with him first time. I would have no reservations in recommending him to anyone." basically you were GREAT, and I would recommend you to anyone! If you let me know what the address of your website is, I will forward it to some uni-colleagues I know who are still in Bath and need driving lessons.Very best wishes," John Simson


"I had  three other instructors before Basil, none of them were as calm, professional or patient, he made me feel more confident in my ability.  I am very grateful to him for giving me the tools  to be more independent.  Now that I have passed my driving test."  From Hannah .


"When Bas was available, I switched to him from my previous driving instructor.  I found the briefings on how to drive, and techniques with manoeuvres, much simpler to understand. He also covered the test area comprehensively, and I successfully passed first time with Bas.  He then went on to teach both my younger brothers, who successfully passed there driving tests, and are now driving all around the south west of England  confidently  within there daily working life. Cheers Bas many thanks". Christopher, Craig and Richard (Bordo, Nerd and Dick)


"I would recommend Bas, because he is very patient, and makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease, when you drive.  He doesn’t let you give up, and is very good at keeping you motivated. Passed first time. Thanks Bas." From Sienna


"Hello Bas,  As a driver I was definitely not the easiest student to teach, however Basil’s patience was incredible. There is no doubt that I would not have the confidence I do now  with driving without  Basil’s help. For this reason I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. Love your new car. I will text soon to book a series of pass plus lessons. Hope all is well?" Georgina..


 "Brilliant I had a great time learning to drive with Bas. I had been recommended to him through a friend and couldn’t be more grateful.  I had three driving instructors prior to Bas and failed my driving test twice. Bas put me at ease straight away and was always positive patient and encouraging . With his help and knowledge, I successfully passed my test, first time with Bas. Always grateful" Ryan Lee                                                                      




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